Saturday, 28 June 2014

1 These People Are Worth Be Friend

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

You can see many kind of people in this globe. All of them have their own special distinct characteristics. Some are good and some are unfortunately not. Friend is a word best to describe people who are always willing to share common and uncommon things. They put away all the differences and try their best finding mutualities between them. They are not just mere people who you can laugh and have fun with, not only those who always pay for your lunch and dinner. 

More substantially, they share the same problems and happiness. Their problems are your problem, not because they are your friends so they have to know your problems yet because their mind and though are just like yours. You don't have to tell everything and they know already. When you see and meet these people you become different, your soul, heart and spirit become stronger. By just looking at them, you can see their eyes filled with sincerity. No matter how far you be, distance never seperate you with these people.

When you see these people, quickly grab and hold them tight undoubtly. You never know when you could see them again.

Friendship is about give and take. One party will be exhausted if keep giving without a reply and it is not enough to always demand without a pay.

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