Saturday, 21 June 2014

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Early in the morning at 6, I went to Musallas, a place just after Hayyu Asyir from the direction of Gami3 Salam. Accompanying my friend for his business with ustaz living there, I just realized that I had been there few times before. When my friend asked whether I know the place or not, I answered "no but had heard before" but actually that was a dejavu that came in my mind deep from my previous memory.

I had come here before, about 6 months ago. There was the headquater of ikhwah Thailand and I had usrah few times there with my former Egyptian naqib, Dr Fadhil. Currently all of my usrah members are going seperated, some still I am connecting with and some are not. About Dr Fadhil, I wonder where he is right now. I never heard any news about him after the coup. I sent a message to him but got no reply. Anything might happen, maybe he is in prison, or killed during the Rabaa incident. 

I hope he is in a good condition. On the way back, I passed before his yellow apartment building beside KFC that I regret for not even once went there. Seriously I miss having usrah with Arab. Don't know if I could have the second chance.

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