Saturday, 26 September 2015

0 Reviewing The Way Of Seeing World

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is still summer in Egypt. Current temperature is 36 degree celcius. And it is still Eid, streets are quiet from sounds. Usually I can literally hear car horn sound every 5 minutes. It is really unusual.

Summer reminds me of a ghazwah (military expedition) called Tabuk, happened in 8th of Hijrah. Although no real fight occured between Islamic troops and Roman, it did play a great role in the history of Islam. If we go seeing date farm during this time, we would notice every single tree is full of dates without any exception. For the people who depend on dates as staple food, it is a big challenge to go for an expedition at this time. The will to sacrifice makes this ghazwah one of the most important event in Islamic history.

There was a group of people at that time who did not take part in the ghazwah. They were not actually refused to join, but feeling hard to leave their farms. These people were not ordinary people. One of them was Ka'ab bin Malek, the one who was guaranteed paradise. Still, there is always obstacle no matter how good and pious we are.

Reviewing this event from the verses in surah At-Taubah (9:38), it clearly stated that the only factor contributing to the laziness and heaviness in joining the ghazwah is attachement with mata' ad-dunya (world's pleasures). When we get attach too much with pleasures and comfort, slowly but surely our heart will be indulged and laziness will be cultivated. It seems simple but extremely vital in a long run. The calling for sacrifice may happen any time that we should always get ready.

Let's review the way of seeing world. This is not a one-off process but a continuous. If a guaranteed paradise companion had a hard struggle detaching himself from dunya, how do we expect to make it easily?


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