Thursday, 5 June 2014

0 My Dearest Blood Relatives

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

My fb timeline today is full of anniversary wishes. I don't know why but it seems that 5 June is a celebrated day for many of my friends and also not be forgotten the anniversary of my second sister's wedding. It was 3 years ago and it was also the only family wedding out of four that I attended. It is a common thing for me to not involve in many family activities. Besides of the fact that I stayed in hostel since secondary school, my relation to my family was not really intimate. The hardest thing in mutabaah amal during I was in school was to call my parents. It was extremely rare for me to merely call my parents for just making small talks. I only called my father to pick me up from hostel once per two or four weeks, "Assalamualaikum Abah, erm hari ni balik wajib, boleh la datang lepas solat jumaat."

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character utterly suited me. I was Dr Jekyll at home and Mr Hyde at hostel. I didn't tell almost all activities I did at hostel to my parents and sometimes even I kept my examination results without telling them. So my father to me was only as my driver to school and my mother as a maid cooking food for me. Okay that sounds too iniquitous. Lulz. 

But then study abroad has taught me many things. One of it is to love my family. Calling parents is no more an alien thing for me. Now I understand why calling parents is often included in mutabaah amal. Family is not just a mere group of people implanted in the same uterus. It is a give from a minute portion of His mercy. Thanks Allah for this precious give.

it should be nine, Kak Dayah was missing

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