Friday, 2 October 2015

2 Extreme Never Lasts

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In doing anything, being moderate is always the best choice available. In medicine, everything has its normal range value. Respiratory rate should be between 12 to 20 per minute to be considered normal. Less than that is called hypopnea, on the other hand hyperpnea if exceeds 20. So does body temperature, blood pressure and pulse. What doctors need to do is to memorize the normal range and to examine patients if their body systems exceed the normal range.

However, extremes are present in any community or groups. The only reason is they have no idea as regard the normal moderate behavior they should practice. So instead, they go being extreme. Sometimes, these people are just blindly following their leaders. It is not their fault, some people are born to just be followers.

To be moderate, one should know what is normal and what is not or extreme. How can we say a particular action is extreme or normal if we do not know the opposite? In medical school, medical students need to spend at least two years learning normal human anatomy and physiology. Then the rest of 3 to 4 years learning the opposite. Then they will be able to graduate being competent, safe, moderate doctors.

Manner is one of the main reason, might be the objective of all practices in Islam, our prophet being sent to this world. Without manners, one never has the right to be called religious. Being just is a good manner, so does being moderate.

Having a glimpse on verse 143 from surah Al-Baqarah certainly makes us realize the importance of being in the middle of two extremes. 

Living with blood pressure 180/100 (normal is 120/80) is extremely risky. In any second, one can get hemorrhage, stroke, or even die of heart attack. The person will never last.

2 Voices:

  1. contoh yang baik. btw hypo and hyperpnea tu bukankah berkaitan depth of respiration, not rate?

    1. I think it is for both, depthness and rate, but tachy/badypnea seems better as an example. My bad.



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