Monday, 23 November 2015

0 Childhood

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Childhood memory always becomes very nostalgic and amusing each time it crosses my mind. Living as budak kampung was a very missing moment. Without getting busy with social media made friends and neighbourhood important and significant. Weekend was the most awaited time to play and do silly things. Ah.. what a memory.

I miss my childhood friends. We spent a lot of time together. The budak kampung generation in this village is no more present. Many new family migrating to this village, cutting trees, burrying lombong, building new houses. Our playground are no longer exist. The new generation's relationship is not like us before. They do not even know who live next to their houses. Everybody settles in the house, busy with facebook and whatsapp. Surau is only filled with above-50's generation. A very sad yet real fact.

What makes me sadder is that when I meet my childhood friends, besides calling me ustaz, they have been different. We had so much fun walking to masjid and reading Al-Quran together at night after playing in the evening. But now, sadly we cannot do the same. I am very glad to hear if they take good care of their prayers, at least. I have been fun getting the sound understanding of Islam and my very first friends are getting away from it. 

I always hope and pray that we are able to do good things together again. Allah bless us.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

0 Generalization

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A very dangerous yet prevalence disease in social media which is generalization. Taking from a single doubtful source is not the way to judge someone. It must be otherwise taken from different trusted sources. The most untrusted source is something originated from an opposition of a party about the opposed party. Do not always trust what is told about UMNO from PAS and vice versa.

In this case, judging people, we need to be very particular. Have a sound mind away from any inclination to a particular party. It is almost impossible actually to have nil inclination, but it needs to be controlled as to not being bias and to be rational enough. That is what a truth seeker does. No matter from where it comes, truth is always truth.

A good way of delivering facts is perfectly shown in Al-Quran. When it named a group with a particular name, it did so by limiting people included in the group so as to not putting someone in the group he or she does not belong to, even in describing disbelivers or hypocrites. It taught us to be fair to everyone regardless his or her side.

We should think by ourselves. If it seems vague, refer trusted sources. World is surely much better when it is cured from this disease.


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