Thursday, 26 June 2014

0 The Awaited Guy

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Nobody knows where he lives but for sure, he will come and meet people annually. He is not too tall nor short, just nice for a handsome guy. With beard and side comb hairstyle, make him a complete package to be a crush for every girl. His presence brings happiness and blessing, not just to people who know him yet also who don't. Before he comes, he will tell everyone that he will do so. Months before he comes, people have prepared everything to welcome him. Several preparations be it physical or spiritual, all are made just to have a good time with him.

Some people however don't really mind the presence of him. Before, during or after his presence are the same, nothing different. In fact, some are doing something to insult him purposely. All those things never affect him. He doesn't need people to please him. He will always come although there is nobody accepting him. People are the ones who need him. The climax moment is the time when he is just going to leave. At that time, his blessings at its limit. Whatever people ask will be granted. After he leaves, people who welcome and treat him good are the happiest person in the earth. They will absolutely miss and hoping to meet him again next time. As for the other group, they are the most unlucky people. Everything that they should have had are wasted.

And believe or not, he will be coming in about three days. Oh my God! I have not made a proper preparation yet! Better yet start it now or you will regret soon.

Oh by the way, his name is Ramadhan. 

Ahlan ya Ramadhan :)

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