Monday, 31 July 2017

0 Change

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I do not know why. The word 'change' for Malays, is actually quite new in their(our) vocabularies. Since the independence, Malays are more or less the same particularly in the way of thinking. We have not evolved much, loving to remain in the comfort state we are currently in.

Unlike Chinese and Indians, they are more versatile and willing to make a change. In politics, for example, MCA and MIC were the most popular parties for Chinese and Indians during the early years after the independence. As time passes, corruption after corruption, lies after lies, they move to another parties as in DAP and GERAKAN. As for Malays, UMNO is always the choice. The ones who voted for UMNO before are the one who are going to do the same today. The same goes to PAS. The voters are the same persons. After the parents pass away, the children will continue the culture.

Knowing the fact that politics is not white and black, what is right today may be wrong tomorrow, today's enemy can be tomorrow's friend, change is inevitable. I do not want to point which party is the best as it is everyone's right to choose. What bothers me is the willingness of our people to get out from the comfort zone when necessary. We love to look at the past history to unaccurately justify what is apparently wrong today. UMNO was the one who brought merdeka to Malaysia, we must appreciate them by always giving votes to them despite what happen. PAS is the first islamic party in Malaysia, every true muslim must always choose PAS.

In discussion of fiqh, one can only follow Al-Imam As-Syafie. Who follows other Imam will be labelled as Wahabi. If you do not recite qunut during Fajr prayer, everybody will suspiciously stare at you. Praying after accidentally touch an opposite gender without redo an ablution is unacceptable. Ironically, in discussion of aqidah, we give more space to be different, in which we should be more strict.

In Egypt, Malays are living in their small community. We do not really mix with Egyptians. We build our own apartments, mosques and groceries. We only join one student association despite having dozens of associations.

This pattern of thought, unfortunately, delays our development. We are having fun in a small world that we create having thought that we are doing good while people around us do not even feel our presence.

If I were to be a politician, which I used to dream of, one of the very first intervention I would make in our education is to get rid of this mentality.

Qouting from a senior politician, "In politics, person or party is not important, what more important is the objective," I completely agree with this politically wise statement. If we do not move and make changes, we will surely be left behind.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

0 Purity Of Life

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Is everything we see today real? 

The foods we eat, are they genuine? 

Even the life we live in, is it still pure?

Sometimes, I feel like living in an isolated countryside, away from people just to have a fine life. Clean from any polutions, be it in food, air or thoughts. Slowly but surely, consuming bad foods, impairs body functions in various ways.

In the middle of poverty and lack of wisdoms, people still concern about their physical appearance. Everybody wants to look perfectly beautiful. Everyone is obsessed with the thought that physical appearance is the main reason for happiness, despite knowing very well the phrase 'do not judge a book by its cover'. Beauty products overpass moral and intellectual products. We can hardly mention millionare who sells books. On the other hand, most of beauty products entrepreneurs are having money flowing under their feet.

What kind of world we are actually living in?

Women are the main subject of discussion. Pornography fills every ads. Women bodies are exploited to attract buyers. Rape news are our daily snacks to an extent that we feel hopeless. Few days before, there was a news of a seven year boy raped a six year old girl! The world is seriously going mad.

Needless to say, family institution is overlooked. Boys and girls are seeking only pleasures without wanting to be accountable!

Who should think about all these problems?

On whom we can rely on?

Politicians? Religious authority? Goverment? 

Life has lost its purity. People are only trying to meet society's demands and expectations in the hope that, in doing so, they would be happy although the fact that they would not. We need to get back the radar we were given before we threw it away as we saw things that we thought were better.


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