Friday, 22 April 2016

0 Retracing Traces

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Yesterday was an outing day. Riding Mojahed, my bike, with Radzi to some places around Fustat and Muqattam. These places are also called Masr Qadeema or Old Egypt for the centre of old Egypt civilisation was here, especially during the time of Islamic empire.

Going through these places is just like going to hundred years before. It gives the sense of pride as Islamic empire at that time was strong and being respected by others. On the contrary, nowadays, everthing seems to be the opposite. However, the light is being enlightened by the people who have the spirit of returning Islam back to the pinnacle where it used to be.

Al-Imam As-Syafie Mosque near Sayyeda Aisha Mosque was our first resort. Having Asar prayer there, we went visiting the maqam of Al-Imam As-Syafie. As expected, we saw many unwanted rituals that were completely against the genuine teaching of Islam. Crying, throwing papers, money and even pictures. What more astonished me was some Malaysian money were also found there.

Next station would be the maqam of Al-Banna. It was located just near the mosque. We, unfortunately, were unable to locate it. To ask people was too risky so that we decided to search it next time. 

We then went to Muqattam to visit, or better said to see, the headquater of Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun. It was very easy to find as the size is big enough to be seen from a distance. Nothing much to see. It was just a yellow coloured bulding, with phases against them, broken windows, and effects of fire on its wall. Only tears could describe the feeling having a glance on this bulding. May Allah reward all of them who have been treated so bad just to bring Islam back.

Egypt is a very unique place. Despite having so many unpleasant sceneries and bad economy, so many great scholars come from this land. To name them, it needs several numbers of books, just to name them. To be here is an honour. To see traces left by them is a very great chance that never can be achieved anywhere else.

The last is to get benefit from those traces so as it would not just be kept in books, but lives in streets leaving great effects on people.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

0 To Differ

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

To differ in inevitable. Never in history is a society void of ideological or any clashes. In fact, one of His signs or ayat is the creation of human with different types, colors, races and languages.

"I beg to differ" is a very common phrase we hear or even use. It is just too hard to agree on everything, and we are not asked to agree on everything. Sometimes it is easier to agree to disagree than the opposite.

The clashes in a way, help us improving and reviewing ourselves. Without critics and opposite comments, we never see the hidden bad sides and will always being syok sendiri with false achievements. In another way, it introduces us to new people. Should the clash not happen, we would not get acquainted with them.

However, not all disagreements are good. Some may divide the society in a negative way, especially when the disagreement or critics arise from hatred and detastation. These kind of critics are away from the signs that we said in the beginning. The orientation is different. Rasional is not used despite it seems to have it.

When everything is just not right, the words are void of love, and not consistent, most probably it is of the later type of disagreement. The only way to deal with it is to ignore and pray to God so that He will guide them to the right way.

To differ is normal, but in a sense of academic under the shade of love. Be honest to ourselves. Say right when it is right and accept the truth from everyone.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

0 Think

بسم الله الرحمن الحيم

To think and to work. Many can work but not too many can think. Working based on guidelines given is much simpler than to think about works that should be done afterward.

To build a guy who can think is the hardest.

Let's have an example. Sometimes we may spend huge amount of money for a highly prestiged program in a beautiful hall with thousands of audiences. It is undoubtly amusing to work for and to attend the program. However, the most dangerous and worrying part is when we assume the program itself is the target so that we will always want to make the program of the same type again and again in the future without consciously aware the very essential reasons beforehand.

Although not everyone needs to play the role to think thoroughly regarding many things, a group or two, at least, are needed so as to make sure the survival of this al-fikrah al-a'la.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

0 Questions

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Question is a sign of thinking. When there is  a question, we know that the person is thinking.

How do we get the answers for all questions run in mind? The best reply is to seek the answer in its most authentical source. If it is related to medicine, go to a doctor. If it is a question about fiqh, go ask an ustaz. So does for other field.

However sometimes, the source cannot be identified for no reason. The time when you recieve a question which you should answer, you just cannot do so. You do not have the answer. And the situation is not just as easy as refer the question to others but it needs the answer from you which you have no idea as regard the answer.

People having nothing can only give nothing. Eyes do not see what brain does not know.


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