Monday, 25 January 2016

0 In Between Two Feelings

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

2016 is a new year for a new hope to learn and be better. Two years remain before going back for good. Who can deny the pleasure of going back to Malaysia where you can have family and relatives around, and the vast room available to serve the community.

On the other side, the remaining time for preparation to be competent enough before jumping into the real situation in Malaysia is being less. To be productive every day is just too tough.

It is between happiness of going back for good, and fear of not enough time to prepare.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

0 Distance

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Education is a word with very sophisticated meaning. The Arabic word is tarbiah but the meaning is much wider than just education as in breeding and upbringing. When education is important, stuffs related to it are also important. They include the teachers, curricula, methods and not less importantly the place where the process occurs. If the education of a particular community is good, most surely the condition of the community will be good, so does the opposite.

Since the very first revelation as regard an order to read (iqra'), it should arouse us to focus and plan our life to fulfill the order. Referring to the method used by our prophet s.a.w, particularly the murabbi-mutarabbi relationship, it seems that nowadays' system is not very close from what our prophet s.a.w has shown.

One of most apparent attitudes shown is his very close relationship with the companions. He knows very well what he should give to each and every one of them. Different answers for same questions asked by different persons. And the factor that can never be neglected by every teacher, educator and murabbi is to build this intimate relationship. To do so, distance is a big concern. It is ultimately difficult to educate, guide and teach people while being far from each others, at least before they become mature enough.

Tarbiah is not just a presentation or sharing good message. It is how to make the presentations and messages affect the heart of mutarabbi which later be translated to good behaviors. A time-consuming job it is. To sleep, eat and travel with them. Also to be with them in their daily doings and to be signicantly present in their lives. Once-per-week session is less than minimum requirement. If there is a tarbiah system which allow this to happen, except if there is no other choice, it surely needs to be revised again. The same thing applies to parents-children relationship.

I am just worry that it will abuse the rights of both murabbi and mutarabbi.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

0 Between Responsibility And Free Time

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is amusing, honestly, to be beneficial and do good things as dakwah, usrah, community services or whatever we might call them. Especially when we have good friends around us sharing the same feeling, being happy and grieve together. It is, indeed, an ultimate satisfaction when we cannot do nothing than only sleep right after going out doing all those things because of tiredness. A worth tiredness I would say.

What I mostly am afraid of, however, is the reason behind all those doings. I am afraid that I would stop when there are more 'interesting' things to do. When I have many things to lose. Wife(s), children, jobs, money and family. Undergraduate-study period is a honeymoon period with ample time to do many things. I just need to study, maintain sufficient results and regularly call parents. Not so much to lose.

It is not that we do not know the compulsory of doing dakwah, but the abundant of responsibilities, which are also obligatory, that are needed to be done, that may make us put this aside.

A friend of mine did say some words that I completely agree right now, which I did not understand formerly,

"Al-akh will not be considered qowiy(strong) unless he still commits on what he is doing, after marriage and starts working,"

It will shift us away if we do not really understand the reason of doing it. To understand is very important before everything. Our religion is based on understanding, not on doctrine or blindly following what comes before us.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

0 Self

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

They say, technology connects people. They also say, world nowadays is at your fingertips. They also add, world has no more border (actually world had never had borders, post-world war I that created the borders). Everyhting seems to be very close. News from very isolated places can be reached easily, even complete profiles of people we never met can be found.

Before all those technologies, did people being apart?

Our ancestors were actually really close to each other. So many traditional practices inherited from our predecessors like amalan ziarah, balik kampung and rewang clearly showed how intimate they were. Even without television, smartphone and social media, the relationship and brotherhood between them seemed very good.

Since they were not busy with technologies, they tended to interact with nature. To describe something, they needed to do it in words. There was no cameras to show the actual pictures. So then we hear a lot of proverbs or peribahasa derived from the condition they were living in.

'Tak lapuk dek hujan, tak lekang dek panas' means something that will not lost and will always present regardless what happened.

'Lintah darat' is a description of a trader which sells things with high prices.

'Bagai aur dengan tebing'. A manifestation of good teamwork and brotherhood.

And so many other peribahasa that are so beautiful showing the high level of wisdom of our predecessors. On the contrary, what is happening in our generation today is everbody focuses on theirselves, filling their time describing themselves. Selfie, welfie, love status, sharing all personal problems, and all these stuffs explain the fact. Our youths are not really interested to interact with what surrounds them, instead prefer to stay in the world of social media.

As a result modern Malay proverbs do not show a high level of wisdom. They are just for fun.

'Di mana bumi dipijak di situlah ada kesan kena pijak'.

'Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama tinggal sedikit'.

'Diam-diam ubi, berisi, diam-diam orang, bisu'.

That is our generation. If we keep following the mainstream, the cycle will repeat. Let's have a better future for a better generation. If our time is not filled with knowledge and beneficial things, it will eventually occupied with sins and wastes.

I believe we are better than this. :D

Sunday, 3 January 2016

0 Life On Motorcycle

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Being a rider is not just owning a motorcycle. It is not just driving it, yet more than that. When we own something that needs a quite big amount of money like a motorcycle, we actually put ourselves into a responsibility. The real game begins after buying it, not before that.

Every week, it needs to be cleaned and washed. Petrol has to be sufficient. Its oil has to be changed monthly and many more things to be done. So the real life I have as a rider is not just like others typically might see. Only a rider can understand the life on motorcycle.

Despite having advantages of going from one place to another easily, and the chance of not being musyrif, all those enjoyments come with risks. Roads in Egypt especially are very unpredictable. Holes, oils, water and sand are present anywhere. The traffic is highly risky. Sharp eyes and agility are must-acquired skills to survive on Cairo's roads. I believe how expert the rider is, he must have experienced road accident at least once because that is the nature of a rider.

Somehow, it helps bulding responsibility. We can know how good the rider is by looking at his bike. Is it clean? Is the oil frequently changed? How it is kept?

After all, it is just a motorcyle, a non-living thing. If we cannot even manage a motorcycle properly, how do we expect to do so in managing a woman after marriage?

If you find a rider can handle his bike properly, most probably he will keep you in a good way.


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