Thursday, 13 April 2017

0 Rules

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

'Rules are made to be broken'

My professor likes to repeat this phrase. As rules are made to be a reference, they are also to be broken. In terms of education, the highest standard should be taught. In terms of practical, some of the rules are not applied but students should be aware of the ceiling above their head.

When I was in secondary school, one of my usrahmate brought his phone to school. It was obviously not allowed for students to bring a phone to school. But if it was not because of that, we would not be able to contact our naqib to have an usrah.

People who fight for justice all over the world. Many of them go against the rules in the place they are living in. Just have a look at Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt who have been jailed and tortured for going against the rules of Egypt's tyrannical government.

It is very irony. 

These people teach me one very important lesson, it is to not being coward to go against the rules or the norm, as long as it is the truth. 

How can we be different if we wake up, sleep and do the same things like others do?


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