Tuesday, 3 June 2014

0 A Night

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Tonight Sisi's comrades make a noise in the street with horn's sound and waving Egypt's flag while shouting something to do with Sisi. They celebrate Sisi's predictable victory in the presidential election last week. Since my apartment is near to Tahrir, it is often to hear such celebration. Newspapers full of Sisi's picture with oodles of compliments. I had being scolded last week when I was reading a newspaper without paying first, "If you want to read please pay one pound first!" Ceh, I didn't want to read and see the traitor's face and I have bored seeing his face everywhere in the street. In Egypt, newspapers are only worth buying for book wrapper or making a table cover. The contents are sucks.

Tonight my head crowded with many stuffs. A lot of things to be done almost alone. I think I need someone to help me doing these things, of course it doesn't necessarily have to be a girl. I can do it alone and it is much better to do alone sometimes, I don't have to consider others opinion and things gonna be faster. But this time, I need a partner. I have an exam tomorrow and I don't even finish half of the final exam. I need to focus, brother.

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