Tuesday, 7 January 2014

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

7th of January is a Christmas Day for the Coptic Christians. Here in Egypt, the day is declared as a public holiday. In the high political temperature of current Egypt situation, anything can happen when there is a public holiday. Egyptians are highly unpredictable. They can march, fight, throwing bottles, and even shoot a gun. Everything might happen and had happened before. So we have been warned to be more cautious during this day. Anyhow alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened up till now. Everything went as usual. May God help the Egyptians to bring back their country to a better state.

I was thinking to find a new thinkmate. All my thinkmates have gone to Malaysia continuing thier studies there. So I am here alone. It is been a long time to not discuss about heavy topics or issues. My mind has starved from those things. If things continue like this, my mind may be atrophied. Our minds are just like muscles. When we work them, they will grow. Otherwise they will get shrinked. If we don't use our minds, shrinkage will occur. When someone asks me for an opinion, I can't give him the best. I just realized that my mind has started to shrink. Oh God, please make it bigger. 

I have many friends and I am having a lot of fun together yet freinds aren't just for fun. I don't need much fun or kindness from others. I just need a place to think and struggle my mind. Being stupid is a worst thing in this life. Even if you have money, friends and power you are nothing when you are stupid. The best time to enchance mind is during this period of study. We have a lot of time to do so. Don't say that you want to start during work, for sure you don't have time.

I still don't find that kind of mate here. Either I like or not, I have to find one. I have regretted a lot being a blind-current-issues person. Be a learner, be a thinker. You will prosper.


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