Tuesday, 14 January 2014

0 People Don't Have Power Over You

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Happy birthday to our beloved Prophet pbuh. His efforts have made us a better person today that knows who is Allah and what should we do in this temporary planet. Keep saying selawat and pray for our brothers all over the world.

I watched Hitler movie last few weeks and I found that the movie was great even though my housemates said that it wasn't. I somehow have got admired to Hitler. Lulz. Not because of his ideology but of his great personality and confidence. He came from an ordinary family. He had a very high aversion towards the Jews as he claimed that the Jews had been the causes of the destruction of Germany. The Jews took their money and abuse them. So he formed a team to spread and struggle his ideology against the Jews. In a short time, he managed to attract many people and had become a great political party that finally ruled Germany. He died through suicide and his story ended there.

In that story, Hitler was not a big guy physically but with a great and strong mind. He had been provoked many times and even got jailed. Just after he came out of the jail, he continued his battle. In fact, he started at first as an ordinary man without money, weapons and even friends. How he can be so strong? He knew that people have no power over him. People can force him to do anything but he was the one who decided whether he wanted to do it or not. Finally, nobody can defeat him because of his high level of self-confidence although his ideology is not so good and applicable at that time.

One fact that we have to know is the ideology of Hitler is not confirmed yet to be efective and productive. At last, it was proven not effective and had many flaws. And, Islam that we follow has been confirmed to be the most justice and perfect system for the mankind. It is proven in al-Quran and also in the past history. We should've been better than Hitler. All we need to do is implement it in our life with zero doubt.

What else do we waiting for? Just grab the confidence and spread the words.


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