Sunday, 5 January 2014

0 First Paper Of Third Academic Year

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I just realized that I haven't made any post since 4 months ago. Wow. After my friend from Jordan poked me at my Facebook wall by posting my blog's link, I almost forget that I have a blog. To give reasons, I don't have any. Yeah. Let's start up again.

Today is the start of the journey of mid-year examination for the third-year student of Kasr Al-Aini Medical School. We started with the hardest subject, Pathology. Everything went smooth except for three questions. Two of them were totally made me screwed because I didn't read that parts well. Anyhow the third question made me unsatisfied because the question was a not-should-be-asked question. This kind of question that has made me feel the karma of being an exam-oriented student that I am always want to running from it.

I don't target for A. I just hope that what I am memorizing and studying will be usefull practically in my life as a doctor or a muslim. I am not interested in something that is not practically used in my life. Just take a look to the Prophet's companions. They took some verses from the Prophet and implemented them in their lives before taking new verses. They were not just memorized yet they used the verses in their daily activities.

Don't bother yourself with something that is not useful. We don't have abundant of time to be wasted by those things. Time is very short, believe me. I mean it literally. Now I have to get ready for 5 pounds to redeem the wrong-answered questions. I do regret for the two wrong-answered questions by I don't regret for the third one. Heh.

Keep praying for our brothers and sisters who are always struggling for the rights.


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