Wednesday, 22 January 2014

0 Exam Is Over

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Exam is over. Parasites went smoothly and my winter break has started. Last night the university announced the extension of vacation for two weeks ended up with a month break. It was a good news and also a bad news on the other side. The good one is I can spend more time for extracurricular activities and of course to compensate what I'll loose for the the first 2 weeks of the break by reason of my subconscious, egocentric decision. The bad part is the final exam will may be delayed and if the circumstance happened, summer break will be cut down. Or if not, the curricular schedule will be badly packed and ferrari lectures will take their place. For sure that's gonna be worse.

Lately Malaysia has been filled with many issues; COMANGO, kalimah Allah, the Malaysian family in Sweden. These issues have gotten attentions from many parties. Each gave their opinions and it has conspicuously showed the true colours of them. These issues were translated differently in accordance with different background knowledge. Some translated with a very funny version. Unless they don't carry any good name, it's okay then to understand any particular issues differently. The problem is some parties carrying good names did something that shouldn't be done. They gave bad perceptions about the names they carry and consequently contaminate it. Then, the sentiment-based people will only heat up the situation. They keep share and spread the words assuming that they were right. Finally Malaysian's folks are educated with these kind of things. Sentiment-based, say a word without thinking, obsessed with own party, etc. 

Argh! What happened to my country? So so so many works have to be done. 

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