Friday, 27 March 2015

0 Values Live In Everything

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

People usually tend to fell stress and mad at something when it is against our expectation or interest. It is logic and normal as a human. On the contrary, good things would be percieved well despite being unexpected, even percieved better when it does.

If I was asked a question, "what is the most important and valuable thing you got being in tarbiah?", the answer would be the way of perceiving things. Things that have changed my life 360 degree. The rest of the changes, I name them side changes, come after the primary change. The former changes are things that most people, who I believe having sound hearts, are doing for nothing but to treat diseases in the society. The most effective way, however, in treating the diseases is by doing the later changes, the way of perceiving things it is.

I used to fell regret being in Egypt, despite it was not my first choice, for stress stimuli are everywhere to trigger me. There are not so much things to be proud of in Egypt superficially. The one who lives in Egypt would know. The buldings, feels like being in 70's Malaysia, just the pyramids what make Egypt famous. Otherwise, no reason to be here. The people more to trouble than giving help. The streets are decorated with all kind of wastes. All these factors, stress stimuli, would certainly make anyone does not want being in the country.

After all, everything might change when the centre of perceivement changes, and that is where the key located. Eventually, all the side changes would fly away. So much energy could be saved to be used in other way. Later than, be it as beautiful and cozy as spring or as hot as summer in Egypt, everything seems to be positive. Success or failure are only superficial, what more vital is the very inner side.

With this kind of change, certainly Cairo would be just as gorgeous as London or any places you may think, for values are not poor, they live and present in everything.

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