Wednesday, 11 March 2015

0 Appendicitis

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

My dear batchmate, Azmi was admitted to hospital two days back. He went through an appendectomy operation, Egyptians sound it 3amaliah ziyadah. The doctor removed his appendix, an extra part of cecum which does not have a definite function than a business for surgeons, as far as I know at least. 

The background story of his case was quite tragic by the way. One week before, he went to see a doctor and had been missdiagnosed as having intestinal obstruction. The doctor prescribed him antibiotics and prokinetics as normal medications for a case of intestinal obstruction.

Later on after several days passed, no reliable improvement could be seen. He went again to see a doctor, another doctor, Dr Sahir she was. Pain felt in his right iliac region drove Dr Sahir to do ultrasound examination. Once confirmed appendicitis, she scolded friends who brought Azmi to the hospital for not bringing him earlier as his appendix had ruptured! Perotinitis had occured it if left for some period, it would lead to septicemia which is fatal!

Oh God, Dr Sahir should tell the former doctor who missdiagnosed him. Avoiding any unnecessary prejudices, I may consider the doctor was exhausted at that time and the fact that he was a human being who does mistakes sometimes.

Azmi was brought to operation theatre and went through a successfull surgery. May Allah give him a better health and wash away all his sins.

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