Friday, 13 March 2015

0 Mainstream Creates Pseudo Needs

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Fashion usually gives a false definition on what is actually called needs. Everybody wants to live happily in this world as in fashion designer, businessman, product saler, etc. They promote their products not because they really want to help us having a better life, some may, but to give themselves a better life. They just want money so as they could buy foods, drinks, pay house rent and be happy. If we could think wisely, why things like busana muslimah which is obviously not practically used in normal daily lives is sold and promoted? Oh God, who on earth wants to wear those overatted, abnormal designs. It is designed and made not primarily for the muslimah to cover their aurat or intimate parts. The initial objective is money, yes money.

We do not need to follow all kind of mainstream particularly fashion. It steals our money a lot which is better to spend on something else. Practically speaking, when we buy an updated designed shirt, we do nothing than pleasing others and to show them that we have a beautiful shirt. We do not actually have problems with the old shirts, if it still could be weared, but just to have a new one. In other words, we spend money for someone else who does not directly give significant interchange.

It is indeed a test, in Arabic called fitnah. It never be a disgrace for wearing old stuffs as long as it does not affect your daily activities. More important is to know the objective beneath our action. We buy a handwatch because we want to know what time is it, not to be seen as a rich guy.

Desires should be balanced with needs.

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