Monday, 2 March 2015

0 Doing Examination On Real Patient By Myself

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Since lecture ended early as usual, I changed my direction to the outpatient clinic instead of my beloved, cozy room with perfect bed. I met Dr Mina, the resident in one of the room in the Ophthalmology department in the clinic. He greeted me well and even asked my name! That was a very melting way of greeting a disturbing student like me.

"Assalamualaikum Dr, ana tholib sanah rab3a, mumkin bashuf some cases?"

"Okay, sanah kam?"


"Mumkin 3arif ismak hadretak eh lau sama7t?"

"Mina. What's your name?"


First patient was a middle age man with obviously small right eye. He had an atrohia bulbi secondary to a systemic disease which I forgot its name. Following patients were mainly myopes. They checked for their glasses powers. Dr Mina called me as he was doing the procedure for the first patient with myopia and taught me how to do it. First to read the power with different types of lenses for both eyes. Then to put suitable glasses on the examination spectacles testing for visual aquity. The score should be 6/6 so that the refraction error considered corrected.

Next patient came also with myopia. This time Dr Mina suddenly asked me to do by myself. I was partially astonished since I didn't yet learn the topic Error of Refraction. Pretending like I know everything, I just went to the patient and read the power reading. Started with right eye and everthing went well. The next eye came with reading 0.5. Before reaching 6/6 visual aquity the patient stopped me with "mish yanfa3sh". I increased the power to 1.0 and same thing happened which made me changed the power to 1.5. It suited the patient! The test was successfully done, alhamdulillah. It was not that hard though.

Dr Mina politely made an apologize to the patient for just sending this newbie student. He was so kind to his patients relatively to other doctors I had seen in the department. I thanked him and he reciprocated with the same words.

Went home hapilly for it was the first time for me doing examination on a real patient alone. Looking forward for more interesting stuffs.

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