Saturday, 27 December 2014

0 Agent Of Usrah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Yes. Usrah. For Malaysian community in Egypt, it is not just a mere word but an obligatory for everyone to at least have one regardless the name used. I personally knew the real meaning of usrah during the last quarter of my secondary school years. Of course it was present in the school yet I am talking about the real system at the first it was introduced by the founder to the community. I felt the difference and perhaps you too would feel the same if you did as what I did.

As for the system, it would be a very boring discussion for the people who like heavy materials for it is too simple to understand. You now why? Because we don't actually care much on the discussion but we do care what to do after the discussion. If someone joins usrah and he doesn't do and move in the society and does as his murabbi, surely he would be bored and inevitably leave the usrah. The challenge is not only to maintain the attendance but to move the idea in the community.

One of the biggest mistakes done by these people is being an usrah secularist. An angle during usrah and the opposite during not usrah. If this happens, the real idea of the system will not succeed because it doesn't be a factory to make people who dare to do the grunt works of Islam or I like to name it as the agent of usrah. What is agent? Someone who acts on behalf of another. We don't want them to wear shirts or pants belong to their groups but to show to the people how the system actually works and succeeds to build amazing persons. The best part is they have nothing so called interest in doing these grunt works for everything will be granted after death where the ultimate glory is present.

So search for it wherever you are!

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