Monday, 1 December 2014

0 Egyptians And Arabs Are Good Friends

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I have few Arab friends. Yeah, it's friend not mere acquaintances. Excluding the ustaz and ustazah in the Markaz Lughah where I study my Arabic language, my landlord, former naqib and people in the mosques, I have an Egyptian friend and one from Somalia. I meet them almost everyday since everbody lives and works around the same place.

The younger is the Somali named Abdul Qadir. He is my junior in the university. I like to have coversations with him for it is in Arabic fusha (the original Arabic), easy to speak and understand. Went to his house once for a visit. His room was quiet unclean and unorganized. Yeah, normal for a guy. Despite of that, he is personally a tidy guy. Each time I see him, he is wearing a formal shirt.

The Egyptian is Ibrahim. He works in a building besides Bashandi restaurant. He does business in sports and some medical tools. Physically appeared as a good islamist with long beard and sometimes he is the imam in the Al-Hidayah mosque. He always has my respect. Since he memorize all the 30 juz of Al-Quran I am always reminded to do the same. Perk of being an Arab, you can easily remember and understand Al-Quran.

I still can't accept the norm of Malaysians in Egypt who don't want to be friends closely with the locals. One of the famous reasons is for safety. I completely agree with that but it doesn't have to be the barier that totally hinders our relationship with the locals. What the benefits of study in overseases if we don't mix and change thoughts, culture and language with others. Instead of having most of the time with persatuan, why don't we try to do something out of the norm? I also hate Egyptians generally but I do like to be friends with them.

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