Wednesday, 28 May 2014

0 Our Society Terribly Needs Proper Education

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Cadbury-porcine issue has now been very ridiculous. It shows what is the level of our society's understanding in relegion matter. And sadly, their level is almost amature. I never thought the idea of cleaning mouth with mixture of water and soil would come out from their mind, also to do blood haemolysis to remove the remnants of the porcine. More suprisingly, the ridiculous ideas came out in international news. Damn this is so embrassing. They use the name of Islam as if they are fighting for something right. Yet actually they are just cultivating bad perceptions on Islam. With many other provocating issues against non-muslim, the pyramid of islamophobia becomes bigger and bigger everyday.

The idea of cleaning with soil came out from them because they understand Islam particularly, not comprehensively. All they know is when there is a contact with porcine or dog, it must be washed 7 times plus one time with soil. They don't know the essence and the idea of the deen (read:relegion). The deen is not just a ritual events, it is the solution of all problems and it is everything in this life. We can't blame them. In Malaysia when we say 'kelas agama' it will be equal to 'kelas fiqh' or if it is not, people will keep asking about hukum halal and haram. They just want to know what is halal and haram. Now I know why did Hassan Al-Banna write Usul 20. His writing solves many issues and he tried to bring people away from the argument of 'furu' discussion and lead to the main issue of deen.

People don't simply practice something when they know it is halal or haram. Smoking is obviously haram, not wearing hijab is more perspicuously haram, watching pornography, drug abuse, etc. Those are more clear not-to-do things that people do everyday. People will practice something when it becomes their life principle. When deen doesn't be their passion, the halal-haram is just a mere fact that they can simply do or put it off.

When the branches become bigger than the roots, the tree will collapse.

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