Saturday, 3 May 2014

0 You Can't Force People To Be Like You

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

People when they achieve something pleasure they will tend to share and make others to feel the same. I still remember when I was in standard 4, I won a medal for a marathon running. Just after I went home I was really eager to tell it to my mother and she was very excited to hear that, I think she just made it to celebrate me. Heh. Technically it will be like that. When we grow up, our mind and maturity improve and we have a better control to share things to others compared to a child that can even share his story to an absolute stranger, that has made them cute and talkative. Haha.

Sometimes when someone in a high position or grade, he will feel something insufficient in a lower grade person. Then the higher grade person(HGP) tries to 'fix' and 'elevate' the lower grade person(LGP) to a higher level. The outcome is either he will be certainly elevated or unfortunately lowered. If the result is the former, we can greatly thank him but if it is the later and most probably it is, the LGP just being a victim to a 'concerned' HGP. This consequence is very common occuring in a society and even in my community, of course as I am not that great bookworm to know very well about others society.

The thing is because the HGP thinks he is always better than the LGP. I am not saying this in a bad way. For example when someone gets a good result in exam, he will surely feel that it's the best thing to achieve. So the unsuccesfull person will be seen as a person that is fail and not yet achieve what should he have. The problem is not on the result but on what success means. Today our mind and interest are converged to one matter. Every particular thing is seen as one meaning and other than that is false. That's why the concern of the HGP has made him try to make the LGP be just like him. Finally this society will be full of robots of the same way of thinking.

I have seen how Arab people live particularly in Egypt. Logically, I never believed how could this people dominate the world in the past. The habits and morals scream for a life-time third world society, okay that's too much. However believe or not, the fact that this society had stood above others can never be denied. What I see is typical persons can achieve success, they can have good results, being loved by people and seen as an idol to others. Yet they can never be extraordinary. To be so you have to be atypical, in a good way of course. If not, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg had graduated with first class degree.

Don't force people to be like you. They are not fail, they are great but in a different way. Maybe they are even better than you. As long as it's not aqidah-related, it's okay to be different.

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