Wednesday, 14 May 2014

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Pedantry, or a person who profoundly concerns about every minute details regarding particular things. Every angle, every side, every section need to be explained academically with proven evidence. Otherwise the fact or the study is useless and nonsense. I am not against this thing. In fact, some studies like medicine really need these details. We wouldn't be able to eradicate polio virus if the study of it didn't reach until cellular level and tetanus might still be a fatal, creepy disease to humanity today. Those are the merits of profound study in medicine that we couldn't dismiss nor deny.

On the other hand, in some fields, pedantic might be misery. The most apparent field is religion. In such case it would be more to burden the learner instead of help. People may feel satisfied with the knowledge but will eventually make them confuse. I am saying in the context of  person who wants to know about the law of particular matter that is out of his daily practice. For the researchers, it is more than the need for that.

What will be the worry is that people start to forget the essence or the goal of the studies. They put the details and the academic parts before the studies themselves. They are just cycling around the same circle. At this level the process of learning is no more regarded as education, rather it is making a robot. Education should cover more than our mind. 

I admire a qoute from a Turkish scholar, Fethullah Gulen;

Science is to perceive the reality of science,
Science consists in knowledge of the self,
If, then, you do not know yourself,
I wonder what kind of education you have had.

The more you study the more human you should be. That is the golden rule. Sometimes you don't need the details to be a great human.

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