Wednesday, 12 February 2014

0 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Yesterday, I watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. I didn't watch the first series but still capable to understand the whole story. I rarely watched movies in my university years but when I do, the movie is certainly interesting. Heh. So, the story was about the life of scientists. People were competing for the best inventions. Flint Lockwood, the main character of this story was a brilliant scientist yet he was quiet naive. He idolized a scientist named Chester V which was known as the greatest scientist with his company, LIVE. 

During the first series, Flint had invented a machine called FLDSMDFR in short from that can convert water into food. It was so amazing but suddenly it was out of control that caused very huge amount of water converted into food, and the food were extremely large. After a while, all the food became living creatures. Chester V then asked Flint to stop FLDSMDFR by the reason to safe the world before the foodimals attack people in the city. Whereas, he just used Flint to get FLDSMDFR for making his new product. Due to high idolization of Flint towards Chester, he followed what Chester asked besides the fact that he was rather naive. The story ended like always, the evil lost and the good won.

The basic morals of the story were just like any other cartoons nowadays; friendship, hardworking, etc. That was cliche. What I found interesting was the idea of the story that gave us an impression on how people in this era think. The story was about science and technology. Everybody thought of being the best inventor. The most respected man was the best scientist or someone best in inventing new things. That fact tells us what is the scale that people today hold on. And the science represents any kind of technologies. That is how people define civilization, more precise to call it material civilization. Humanities have lost and people don't really care about it. What matters to them are getting more money, being famous and having power. All are related to materials, no relation at all with humanities. Fornication is legal even a man can marry a man, they have no problem at all with those things. What defines their problems are losing popularity, undeveloped city, etc. 

So pathetic.

When someone asks you what does Islam bring? Just answer the biggest thing Islam brings is to free people from any kind of slavery other than God. That differentiates Islam from any other human-made ideologies.

Sounds so serious. Nah, it was just a movie though.

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