Saturday, 12 March 2016

0 Fighter

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Being a fighter, I believe, is a dream of everyone named man. The natural instinct within men's soul makes them always want to be heroes for their love. It lies deep inside the heart and remains dormant until being activated by something or someone. This very unique trait of a man comes with many responsibilities upon their shoulders. In addition to ego, it is very normal to see a guy feeling envious to see his peer being better than him in a particular thing.

It is undoubtly not easy to activate it, but when the right time, reason and person come inevitably it will be activated. Once it happens, a totally different person is seen. I have seen a lot kind of heroes who were formerly among groups of people spending their time for nothing clear or absolute. After the dormant phase comes to its end, they transform into superman.

Hearing and reading the story of great fighters really amuse me. They were also mediocre persons just like everyone else before becoming what they are. With sincerity, spirit and faith, they stand against every obstacles. They did it and why don't we?

Besides them, they are so many unsung heroes fighting behind curtains in which they are not less important than the heroes we know.

Let's become a fighter, and a hero for the highest reason, Islam it is.

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