Tuesday, 1 March 2016

0 A Night In Department 30

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Going to hospital as a patient might be the last choice for me. Maybe it is not a culture in my family to see a doctor, because we have our mom! Or maybe due to the system that more or less causes troublesome for patients to meet doctors. Home rest with good food is a much better alternative.

However, last week was an excepted case. Despite seeing a doctor in outpatient clinic is an extremely rare for me, I had an operation under general anesthesia. The 2 hour minimally invasive operation had weakened my whole body from the effect of general anesthesia. Right after waking up from the operation, the whole body seemed to be partially paralyzed, and some difficulty in breathing. I needed to communicate and ask for oxygen mask in Arabic. Haha. What a mess.

Then followed by a night in a ward in Department 30 Manial Hospital of Kasr ElAiny. Being with Egyptians was very amusing. They were very helpful and entertaining. Everyone wanted to share their foods and kept asking if there was anything they could help with. Besides having so many mosquitoes, the ward was just nice. The nurses were so polite and caring. Early in the morning I had been greeted by a very nice and warm "sobahul kheeeeiiir ya Firdaus"

It was a great unforgettable experience. It taught me to be nice with patients especially post-operative patients, even from a minor surgery because it is really tiring. As the patient feels comfortable, the wound will eventually heal faster and better.

اللهم عافنا في بدننا وعافنا في سمعنا وعافنا في بصرنا

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