Sunday, 3 January 2016

0 Life On Motorcycle

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Being a rider is not just owning a motorcycle. It is not just driving it, yet more than that. When we own something that needs a quite big amount of money like a motorcycle, we actually put ourselves into a responsibility. The real game begins after buying it, not before that.

Every week, it needs to be cleaned and washed. Petrol has to be sufficient. Its oil has to be changed monthly and many more things to be done. So the real life I have as a rider is not just like others typically might see. Only a rider can understand the life on motorcycle.

Despite having advantages of going from one place to another easily, and the chance of not being musyrif, all those enjoyments come with risks. Roads in Egypt especially are very unpredictable. Holes, oils, water and sand are present anywhere. The traffic is highly risky. Sharp eyes and agility are must-acquired skills to survive on Cairo's roads. I believe how expert the rider is, he must have experienced road accident at least once because that is the nature of a rider.

Somehow, it helps bulding responsibility. We can know how good the rider is by looking at his bike. Is it clean? Is the oil frequently changed? How it is kept?

After all, it is just a motorcyle, a non-living thing. If we cannot even manage a motorcycle properly, how do we expect to do so in managing a woman after marriage?

If you find a rider can handle his bike properly, most probably he will keep you in a good way.

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