Thursday, 21 January 2016

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Education is a word with very sophisticated meaning. The Arabic word is tarbiah but the meaning is much wider than just education as in breeding and upbringing. When education is important, stuffs related to it are also important. They include the teachers, curricula, methods and not less importantly the place where the process occurs. If the education of a particular community is good, most surely the condition of the community will be good, so does the opposite.

Since the very first revelation as regard an order to read (iqra'), it should arouse us to focus and plan our life to fulfill the order. Referring to the method used by our prophet s.a.w, particularly the murabbi-mutarabbi relationship, it seems that nowadays' system is not very close from what our prophet s.a.w has shown.

One of most apparent attitudes shown is his very close relationship with the companions. He knows very well what he should give to each and every one of them. Different answers for same questions asked by different persons. And the factor that can never be neglected by every teacher, educator and murabbi is to build this intimate relationship. To do so, distance is a big concern. It is ultimately difficult to educate, guide and teach people while being far from each others, at least before they become mature enough.

Tarbiah is not just a presentation or sharing good message. It is how to make the presentations and messages affect the heart of mutarabbi which later be translated to good behaviors. A time-consuming job it is. To sleep, eat and travel with them. Also to be with them in their daily doings and to be signicantly present in their lives. Once-per-week session is less than minimum requirement. If there is a tarbiah system which allow this to happen, except if there is no other choice, it surely needs to be revised again. The same thing applies to parents-children relationship.

I am just worry that it will abuse the rights of both murabbi and mutarabbi.

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