Thursday, 22 October 2015

0 Facing A Foe

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Before facing or dealing with a foe, the most important thing is to make sure that the foe is a real foe, not a misinterpreted one. A foe must be comprehensively defined as to not discriminate anyone. The worst definition of a foe is anyone who is different from us in any means. Like the famous ex-American president George W Bush said whoever is not with me is against me. This kind of notion will just make one having no friends.

After finely determining a foe, the point of argument should be ensured. Both parties need to understand the same thing so as to not fighting for different reasons. It is very common to have an argument resulted from different understanding of a particular issue. Like a group of men describing a box seen from different angles. Each sees it from different sides and keeps saying he is right. The truth is everybody is correct in what they see.

Then to see if the point of argument can be solved or be ignored. Some disputes are not worth to be involved. It just drags us to a lifelong discussion that eventually never ends. Why bother ourselves getting involve in those arguments. The best to solve it is by ignore it.

Finally is to face a foe wisely if it is the only choice available. Wisely as in using correct words, evidences and arguments at the right time. Sometimes one party is better and in the right side but loses because of its lack of communication or dialogue skills. The lack of those skills will unwillingly malign the one who is in the right side and consequently gives an opportunity to the unjust side to appear as it is right. This creates doubtness in community. It is significantly important to not just be in the right side but also to master the skills to deliver in a way people can accept.

Making foes is the last choice. Everyone is our friends until proven otherwise.

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