Saturday, 18 October 2014

0 Stay Away From Dunya Before It Eats You

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The word dunya is an Arabic word derived from another Arabic word called dana which means low or inferior. It shows how low the value of dunya is. While the word akhira means end or termination in which there will be nothing after it. Frankly saying, when there is something bigger and eternity why should we choose the temporary one? It is like slowly and silently killing yourself.

Last year was the most too-much-playing year for me. What I did was fooling around and doing whatever I wanted by my own selfish favour. It seemed that 20 years life was not enough to mature me. Regret moment is enough and I am now 21 years, old enough I think to be a man. The key is to not have too much intact with dunya or it will stick to you and hinder you from moving. 

The right way to face dunya is to be friend with it in the frame of akhira. Some are still confused and consider that they are dealing with dunya in term of akhira but are actually not. Because we have to always remember another guy that never even a second neglects to make us feeling good doing bad things.

The heart. Yes. We need a pure, virgin heart to make it to the end gloriously.

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