Sunday, 12 October 2014

0 I Need A Replacement

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ratchet's tragedy was quite tragic for me but I was still able to stay cool in spite of the fact that it happened during Ramadhan, the Holy month. I accepted it as a test for me and just washed it away from my head to keep moving faster forward. So I need to live my life as the prior-Ratchet era. Using train, bus and microbus every week. I need to spare much time for each trip and be more fit. I was ready for that but the preparations were all in my head and imagination. Now, I am facing it in reality and things don't really run as I expected.

Suprisingly, the frequency for me to use Ratchet rises to double. Literally I have to spare double time for each trip and to be double fit than before. This situation unlikely forces me to think about Ratchet and makes me feel like having a replacement. Ratchet costs 2 months and a half of my scholarship. To get a new Ratchet, it would be more than that in the midst of many crisis currently happening in Egypt.

Now, I have to make a choice. To get a replacement or to be a superman. I still don't know which one should I choose.

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