Monday, 29 September 2014

0 The Medicine Of Multi Is Unity

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Currently since few months ago, political stage in Malaysia becomes hot. One side attacks the other side. Friend becomes enemy. Everybody seems to be selfish and busy thinking about their own party and interest ignoring what they chosen for during the last PRU 13. As the supporters, they always want to raise their party regardless what happens. What their party says are always correct and the one who doesn't want to hear and follow them is a traitor and needs to be excluded immediately.

I don't want to write about politics. I am not planning for joining politics and I don't expert in politics to give good views or comments regarding it. But as a member of democatic country like Malaysia, I have my right to say anything and give building comments as long as it is not provocation-based. 

Malaysia is a multicultural, multireligious, and multiraces country. From the word multi, differences and conflicts can't be avoided. Even a unirace country has to counter the same problem. Again the word multi is not just a word, it does carry a or more than a meaning. Majority doesn't make us better than other, minority doesn't make them be ignored and treated unfairly or double-standardly. Just you are muslim and Malay, you are no difference with them in term of owning Malaysia. Everbody has the same ownership of Malaysia.

As everbody owns Malaysia, then everbody needs to play roles to build it. No need to be a hero to individually develop Malaysia. If you do so, you would take others right and making things work ineffectively. Why don't we just work together and coalesce strength, expertise and power to eliminate those who threaten our country. Please don't say the reason you can't work together is because they are non-muslim. That is not just totally a shit reason, but it would cultivate a bad perception on Islam. I don't know what your Islam has taught you.

Don't be so obsessed with your leaders even they are called ulama. Umar Al-Khattab was critizied by a woman and he was still being cool and accepted it. That was during he was a khalifa of muslim. Being a leader or ulama doesn't make you a superman. You don't have power to change things. A leader just guides people to the right way that has already created by God not by himself. Unconditional obedience to a human is not a healthy way of politics, that is the right of Allah and His messenger. I am afraid that we would always be in the same place as we were years before and be happy with that.

Politics is not like praying. It doesn't have its specific methods and needs to be renewed according to situations. Simply taking old muslim scholar's views literally to be implemented today is not the right way to play politics. Different situations, different problems and different times need to be resolved with different ways.

Don't be too obsessed with your religion that I don't know what kind of understanding you have. If we really want to practice the islamic ways, unity should be the priority. Not confined to our community or muslims, but unity with all Malaysians. Some have mixed their religious matters with politics in a wrong way. Just remember the word multi and you know you are not the only one who want peace and good to Malaysia.

Again, I am not interested with the current political atmosphere in Malaysia. It smells malignancy and hatred. Some may feel happy for their party has won the fight. But if you are big hearted, you don't fight for your own party yet for Malaysia. What I see is Malaysia has lost. But that was the story. I am always looking for a better and mature future of Malaysia, biiznillah.

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