Tuesday, 22 July 2014

0 A Letter To Ratchet

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear Ratchet.

It was just a few minutes before Maghrib, I was told by my friend that you had been kidnapped. I didn't react much, just asked my friend how did it happen. He told me that the lock was being cut and it happened before Fajr.

To be grief is too mainstream and even can't bring you back. Police report couldn't be made because I didn't yet get you a plate number that I had planned to do after I reach 21. To blame anyone is also useless although I could smell an odour of reckless in the one I asked to keep you.

However, thing has happened. Your loss reminds me to my iPod that I had lost it after only a month from our acquaintance. It was 4 months ago since we first met. I still remember how I could fall in love with you from the first sight. It seems like our relationship is too short to come to its end. I am just started to know yourself, but He loves His servant more. He doesn't want me to love you more than Him. 

I will always remember our moments together. Thank you for accompany me going to daurah and usrah. Thank you for being my best friend for 4 months and kept doing so despite many hard times we had together.

I pray that you will be a good partner with your new friend and that he will get a lesson from what he has done.

Farewell my friend!

Your best friend,
Firdaus Rahim.

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