Friday, 6 May 2016

0 The General Rule Is Not Completely Valid In This Land

بسم الله الرحمن الريم

I always thought I have understood the basic concept of life. From childhood, we are taught to study, be diligent and get good marks to have a good future. This is the very basic notion cultivating childhood's mind. As we are growing up, it changes a bit where universities do not guarantee bright future. Mark Zukenberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have made it possible. However, still, they live in a developed country in which the opportunity is widely present.

Then, everything seems to be different in Egypt. The general concept is not the rule. This country is not a developed country, a third world it is. Bad economy, corrupt leaders, trashes and homeless are everywhere. Being physically, mentally or even sexually insulted is not a weird stuff to hear. To list all the negative things present here is to consume a lot of time.

Despite all these anti-developing factors, the products come from this country are completely otherwise. Nobel price winners can be found here, not even single person has ever won this in Malaysia. Plenty individual international achievements every year, either in sports, academics, or research. The mosques are mostly occupied five times daily by not only 50's, but also teenagers. 

Last but not least, the most peculiar product comes from this land, which is the scholars. It is countless that it makes me reestablish the general rule of this life. How can so many great scholars come from an underdeveloped country like this. Scholars I mean, is not confined to Arab scholars yet also from other countries that finally become reformists in their lands.

Is it a must to live in poor country to become great scholars?

Is it a must to be blamed when one is in right side in order to become a reformist?

Is it a must to be assasinated to make great changes in the world?

These questions are never taught in our formal education. It ends up everyone will just be stereotypes. The real life lessons need to be honestly taught.

I was back then, during early time in this place, just like others, felt regret being here. But now, it has changed. Realizing the fact that so many great people yielded from it, I can feel the hidden factors are actually present. Let's find it.

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