Friday, 22 April 2016

0 Retracing Traces

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Yesterday was an outing day. Riding Mojahed, my bike, with Radzi to some places around Fustat and Muqattam. These places are also called Masr Qadeema or Old Egypt for the centre of old Egypt civilisation was here, especially during the time of Islamic empire.

Going through these places is just like going to hundred years before. It gives the sense of pride as Islamic empire at that time was strong and being respected by others. On the contrary, nowadays, everthing seems to be the opposite. However, the light is being enlightened by the people who have the spirit of returning Islam back to the pinnacle where it used to be.

Al-Imam As-Syafie Mosque near Sayyeda Aisha Mosque was our first resort. Having Asar prayer there, we went visiting the maqam of Al-Imam As-Syafie. As expected, we saw many unwanted rituals that were completely against the genuine teaching of Islam. Crying, throwing papers, money and even pictures. What more astonished me was some Malaysian money were also found there.

Next station would be the maqam of Al-Banna. It was located just near the mosque. We, unfortunately, were unable to locate it. To ask people was too risky so that we decided to search it next time. 

We then went to Muqattam to visit, or better said to see, the headquater of Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun. It was very easy to find as the size is big enough to be seen from a distance. Nothing much to see. It was just a yellow coloured bulding, with phases against them, broken windows, and effects of fire on its wall. Only tears could describe the feeling having a glance on this bulding. May Allah reward all of them who have been treated so bad just to bring Islam back.

Egypt is a very unique place. Despite having so many unpleasant sceneries and bad economy, so many great scholars come from this land. To name them, it needs several numbers of books, just to name them. To be here is an honour. To see traces left by them is a very great chance that never can be achieved anywhere else.

The last is to get benefit from those traces so as it would not just be kept in books, but lives in streets leaving great effects on people.

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