Monday, 22 June 2015

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

To compare between Egypt and Malaysia, doubtlessly the homeland would be superior in most aspects. However, regarding Ramadhan, Egypt is far better leaving Malaysia. I never understood the meaning of "The Month of Al-Quran" until I came here. Formerly the phrase just lived in tazkirah and articles. The Qiyam prayer (tarawikh) especially is very touching that rarely can be found in Malaysia unfortunately.

May this Ramadhan be better than before. May Allah forgive us all.


Future is completely blind  to human. We never know, yet may predict, what will happen even a second after. I never thought of studying abroad. Being in the last class in most of the time during secondary school, making studying abroad an utopia for me. Then now I am here thousand miles from homeland. I never thought of speaking Arabic and English in real, not memorizing scripts to be presented in class. Then now I am doing so everyday. Never thought of entering medical school since everbody was brainwashed that medicine is hard like very impossible to study. Then now I am here almost finishing my fourth grade.

Ironically, when those impossible things standing before this pair of eyes, they are just left behind. Everything is there that it depends on me to chase and grab them or not. Otherwise, utopia will just be an utopia.

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