Friday, 15 May 2015

0 Aim High

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Of course we should do that. Rasulullah said that if we want to ask for jannah, ask for the highest. The problem here is to have the determination to stay along the route towards it. I want to graduate with mumtaz, being the best intern, taking MCRP and being a subspecialist doctor by the age of 35. Then to own my own hospital which is the most cozy and comfortable hospital in Malaysia. I also want to do charity, giving free services and help people around. I dream all these. The aim is crystal clear but the path is still dimly lit.

The challenge is to create a synergy between the dream and the path to achieve it. Having discussion with experienced people has taught me that learning from others is extremely important as to not wasting time and to be better than the previous generation. We do not want to create a plateau generation, or even worse a declining one.

Despite all that, faith is the most important factor. It may sound cliché but it is like the oxygen that is always been forgotten its presence and importance. Khalid Al-Walid r.a once, before he embraced Islam, made fun of the muslim for they were promised to be given Rom and Persian, which were the two biggest nations at that time. Ironically, after Khalid r.a embraced Islam, he was the one who did the thing he made fun of. We just totally blind on what exists next to us. I still remember how could I be so brave and enthusiastic that I wanted to put all the Form 3 male student, when I was  Form 5, in the usrah system. I still can't understand from where those hammasah came.

Talking about future, the key is to have faith and do not rush. Then comes the strategy, technique, etc. It sounds quite awkward for me to talk about this since I achieve nothing to be proud of, but I am saying this based on what I learn from people who have preceded me. When having a discussion with youths, mostly they offer strategies as a take-home message. On the contrary, the elderly usually stress on the need to have faith. Merge these two and the light is just a step ahead.

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