Monday, 24 March 2014

0 I Can't Go Back Like This

يسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Third year gonna set soon. Time passed so rapid. Last year when I went back to Malaysia, I met my first naqib. He was so happy and he asked me what did I get after two years in Egypt. I didn't know how to answer; either didn't know what to say or didn't have any. I just replied with an innocent smile. He laughed and I knew that the laugh meant 'what have you done two years in Al-Banna's land? Sleep?'

I'm afraid this year gonna be the same. The same question and the same answer but worse because it's three years this time. Erk. I have few months left to work for something. It's not about impressing others or showing that I am doing something. It's an evidence that I have done what should I do. Iman is not an empty oath, yet it has to be proven by actions.

I played a lot this year. Running away, doing silly things, overdose with something I shouldn't, etc. Heh. Third year, very funny and silly year. I am not gonna forget this year.

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