Wednesday, 7 December 2016

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Everything is going to be miserable when you have a bad relationship with God. Prayers, Quran, fasting and zikr, each of them has its impact on spiritual building which eventually affects life as a whole. In this modern world, spiritual aspect is extremely being abandoned focusing only on the physical and to some extent, selected self thought spiritual aspects.

It is a very good practice to be routinely followed up by bothers or friends so that our realtionship with God can be maintained despite having some problems in the middle of the track. That is exactly the genuine concept of usrah that was introduced by Imam Hassan Al-Banna around 80 years ago.

To let our soul being unfed  is very unsafe. Slowly but surely an unfed soul will die. When the soul has died, there is no need for a body as it has lost its function as a home for a soul. What Imam says during khutbah of Jumaah prayer every week is very important. Fear Allah! Fear Allah! Fear Allah!

As it is always easier said than done, we always hope that Allah will give us strength to maintain doing good deeds and being good servants.

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