Monday, 3 August 2015

0 This Is Not A Sinetron

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Following the norm of a developing country, political stage of my beloved Malaysia is getting hotter and hotter. To make a transition from a stage to a higher stage, instability is inevitable. Historian would not find it interesting to write a journal about Malaysia history if the story line was very simple and predictable just like the Sinetron drama.

Just imagine if PR was stable and PAS had no conflict with DAP, General Election 14 result would be very easy to predict, and if a movie was made from it, surely no place for it in the box office. Conflicts and confrontations are normal processes in achieving bigger things. Especially the aim is to build an Islamic nation suitable and inclusive for everybody regardless their races or religions, the tribulations should be more challenging.

These conflicts also have revealed the true colors of many people who were formerly hiding in suits of any forms as in robes, turban, songkok or tuxedo. It is easier now to distinguish groups that were formerly seemed to be the same. The seperation is not a seperation of good and bad, but the way of achieving everyone's targets. It will be more perspicuous for voters and supporters to choose parties of their favours. Everybody can benefit country at their best without any internal obstacles from their own parties. The one who benefits the most is us, innocent people.

May the truth prevail and I can tell great stories to my children in the future, not a mere Sinetron drama.

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